How We Got Started

Welcome friends and fellow toffee lovers. Taos Toffee has been bringing crunchy, buttery, smooth and savory, old fashioned almond toffee to you sweet lovers since 1993. We began with a small, family (Brian and Jill along with children, Curtis, Patrick, Cameron and Katie Gillen) owned and operated business in Taos Ski Valley ( )  called Chocolate Extreme ( ), where we had the privilege to work our recipe to its utmost perfection. We take great pride and simple joy in providing our customers with what we hope will be the most satisfying taste that fills the senses with all that is simple and passionate: the result of handmade candy. We have witnessed the biggest smiles and such wonderful joy, all as a result of this unique, sweet treat. Our toffee has brought us such good company and returning customers. Now, we hope to provide you, not only with the highest quality toffee, but the joy that comes with sharing it with others!
The 2014-2015 ski season will mark our 23rd year in business, at Chocolate Extreme. But of course it didn't all start in 1993. We have to go back to the early seventies in Sun Valley, Idaho and the Fudge House ( ) where Jill as a youngster worked and hung out with Tom and Sally in their candy store. "It was always my favorite place to be. Smelling the fudge cooking in the big copper pot and watching Tom fold and shape it on the marble table." Jill worked at the Fudge House in their location in Ketchum and had the opportunity to try her hand at candy making and it stuck! In 1992 Jill and her mother, Jackie, who owns and operates her own store, The Chocolate Moose ( ) in Sitka, Alaska traveled to San Francisco and Tom and Sally's current location on Pier 39 where they generously trained them in the rare art of making exceptional handmade candies and fudge. And the rest is history!